Flirt signs 101

HELP SPREAD THIS OUT (*from a friend)

Ever wonder if that cute, hunky, simple, tall guy with you in a public jeepney, inside the MRT or LRT is a bi or gay?

Are you tired of the old fasion way of just staring in the eye of one another but not really getting any clear anwers to whom youre having eye contact with until it was too late and you just say,, "sayang!! ang cute pa nmn nya!!" and you just watch this person as you both part ways and then there is still this "nakaw tingin" but you are just too afraid to approach, not knowing that the guy was also interested in you?

Well its about time to do something about it!! this flirt signs can be done in public with no hassels AT ALL. no fear of having all the non-third sexes figure out it was actually a flirtatious act..

Help me spread out this new kewl stuff to all your networks, may it be friendster or what have you that have access to all other concerned and involved ones..

so lets get started.. lets say, you are in any public means of tranportation, say MRT, LRT, JEEP, FX or even in a private car. and you came across with this hot-looking guy that you cant even sense if he is bi, gay or straight, and you are interested with this person and so is the person is to you.. this is why we all need this to silently communicated and is the flirt signs 101.

HOLD YOUR NOSE with one hand like wiping out oil shows your interest to a person.

HOLD YOUR CHIN as if checking all the unshaved beard shows you are interested back to the person.

PINCHING your left ear with one hand means you wanna know if the person is bi or gay.

if you are BI, you just need to LICK OR WET YOUR LIPS while looking at the person.

if you are GAY, you will need to WIPE YOUR EYES like you are wiping out eye dirts.

TOUCH YOUR HEAD, if you wanna know if the person is TOP or bottom, the same thing should be done if you are TOP.

REACH YOUR POCKET (your behind pocket) as if you're reaching for your wallet if you are a bottom.

Now lets say you both understood each other but you didnt know whether the person wants to meet or wait outside of where you both are,, Just RUB YOUR HANDS TOGETHER as if you just put some alcogel on them means lets meet outside. then if the person rubs his hands together too, thats it!! you just caught a big fish out of a small pond.. hahaha

But of course if the person doesnt respond to any of these,, it only means two things

1. He is not yet familiar with this new flirt sign language
2. Or worst,, that cute guy you wanna take with you is a STRAIGHT!!

let's have it applied..

a guy takes the MRT to AYALA makati, and he could see from a distance a nice hunk and a goodlooking smooth guy. he just couldnt take his eyes off this hunk. The hunk happens to look at him for a while.Then Flirt 101 takes place.

little guy looks at the hunk stud and slowly wipes his nose till the hunk notices it..
Hunk stud sees it and held down his chin like he just shaved telling the little guy that he is interested.. then the magic spark sets off..
little guy wanna know if the hunk is bi or gay by pinching his left ear with one hand
Hunk wets his lips very daringly and unexpectedly reached his pocket like reaching for his wallet.
Little guy was in red shock and was one big boner inside the train when he finds out the hunk stud is a bottom bi (ampota pati ako titigasan dun). so he didnt wanna pass the opportunity..

although he is bottom, he touched his head and acted appropriately telling the hunk stud that he is a top..
(cno ba nmn ang hndi mgta top sa ganun, wow!!)

so the little guy rubs his hands together and the hunk stud didnt need to respond anymore so he waited outside and whoala!!!! Nag check in ang dalawa sa sogo!! san ka pa!!